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Our story

We, Sophie & Adrien, founders of Happy Customers, love to bring joy into the world and thus we try to carefully select and curate the activities and undertakings we embark on so that it brings joy and value to our customers. 


About 4 years ago we got interested into card and board games. We were never really big game players, but somehow that all changed when the pandemic strarted. Our interest grew and settles on games that are easy to learn, have some strategy element to it and bring joy to all that play.

About a year ago we stumbled upon a board game called Art Collector. This was developed by the Dutch game publisher called 999 Games, known for Catan, Carcassone, Set and many others. At the time, it was developed by 999 Games but for the Kroller Muller Museum. This museum wanted to find an accessible way of promoting their art work to the community, but also connect to both youth and older stakeholders in a fun and easy way. 


Needless to say, we played the game and absolutely loved it! It's very easy to learn and you never know who is going to win as everything can change at the last minute. 

From there on, we embarked on a path together with 999 Games to customize the game for all the other museums out there who would also like a fun game to connect, educate and promote their art work with the community.

The result will be an Art Collector customized for every museum with the same game fundamentals, but with different art work for every museum. But wait, there is more!


Once you have 1 museum's board game, you can buy extensions (just the artwork) from other museums and now start to become a collector.

Art collector board game museums.png

If you are a representative of a museum or know a museum that is interested in having their very own version of Art Collector, don't wait and contact us so we can have a chat!

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